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Noise #164: Live-jamming the debate

Noise #164: Live-jamming the debate

It's all kinds of weird. So let's deal together with music.

Greetings from the eve of the U.S. presidential debate in all its dumpster-fire glory. Hope you’re hanging in there.

Strange times call for creative measures, so I’m doing Noise #164 / Podcast #7 a little differently.

What you’re about to hear is me live-jamming part of the debate—in other words, composing piano music as a real-time reaction to what happened, as it happened. Kind of like old-time cinema musicians playing along to silent horror films. Except the monster on screen is real.


As always, I didn’t know what I was going to play until I played it. But given the intensity of tonight’s creative fuel, I knew it was going to be… interesting.

I started to record when the candidates were talking about Medicare and ended after they finished with abortion. Because honestly, that was enough.

Thanks so much for being here and for listening,


(Noise #164 by Michael Gallant. Copyright 2024 Gallant Music LLC. All Rights Reserved.)

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The Current Dissonance Podcast
Musician, composer, and writer Michael Gallant examines compelling news stories from around the world - and reimagines them as original pieces of solo piano music.